Collaborates and partners with campus units to advance sustainability in teaching, research, and public service for our students and the generations of students to come.
A team of institutional, financial, design and development professionials working to deliver the Merced 2020 Project.
Physical and Environmental Planning prepares and implements land use plans for the physical framework of the campus and directs environmental permitting activities such as CEQA review for campus projects.
The UC Merced Police Department serves the UC Merced community and associated university property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The department is a full-service agency and includes Police Services & Emergency Management Our police officers, public safety dispatchers, community service officers, student volunteers, support staff and managers provide innovative and caring professional service to the community.
Supports and facilitates efficient and environmentally sustainable operations and maintenance of the university’s buildings, infrastructure, grounds, mail and document services, and shipping and receiving.
Space Planning and Analysis coordinates with campus administration and academic units to ensure the University of California, Merced's buildings and laboratories support the campus community's teaching, research and public service needs. 
It is the mission of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to support the academic and administrative functions of the university to help ensure a safe and healthful workplace and the environmentally sound management of hazardous materials. This is accomplished through collaborative, team-oriented methods that identify the optimum compliance strategies in harmony with the activities of the university.
The Construction department is a multidisciplinary team of construction professionals within the Division of Physical Operations, Planning and Development responsible for the design and development of UC Merced's buildings and infrastructure. From UC Merced’s earliest days, the Construction department has worked to build modern, sustainable facilities in a work environment dedicated to excellence and innovation.
The fire safety program's main focus is to prevent and reduce the loss of life and property resulting from fire related incidents. We strive to provide our campus community with the tools and knowledge required to maintain a fire safe environment.